Advancing the adoption of meta-protocols on Bitcoin, bridging the gap between indexing and governance.

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A governing body that creates an environment for independent standards is like a gardener who prepares a wildflower meadow.

The gardener doesn't choose the color of each flower, the pattern of their growth, or the rate at which they grow. They do not dictate which flowers bloom or when. They simply prepare the ground, scatter a mix of seeds, and ensure the conditions are suitable for growth. They ensure the meadow gets the right amount of sunlight, water, and protection it needs.

Over time, a variety of flowers bloom in their own time and their own way. Some grow tall, some stay close to the ground, some bloom early, some late, but each contributes to the variety and beauty of the wildflower meadow. The gardener does not control or interfere with this process, instead, they provide a safe and fertile environment where these natural processes can take place.

Similarly, a governing body's role isnt to dictate the nature of independent standards, but to provide a framework and the conditions where they can emerge, grow, and develop on their own terms.